Make the most of your Facebook ads!

The first question I ask is – “Do you have the Facebook tracking pixel installed on your website?” More often than not I get a blank look back with a “WTF is that!” comment.

For those that know how it works and are using it great news! You’re ahead of the crowd.

Do you want to make your Facebook ads convert better?  Did you know you can advertise directly to Facebook users who have visited your website?

Using the Facebook tracking pixel you can “re-target” people who have visited your website and advertise to them on Facebook!  So basically you start advertising to Facebook users who have already visited your site.

This is a great way to turn failing or under-performing ad campaigns into higher converting adverts.  The next step after this is to configure your sales journey to make the most of the increase in traffic.

Again when I ask “What journey does a potential customer have to take before they become a paying customer?” – mostly blank looks again.

Take home really is: Why advertise when you haven’t defined your sales journey?  And if you are going to advertise make the most of your non-converting website visits . . . re-target using your tracking pixel.

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