This month we got the wonderful invitation to go and speak about SEO at The Unique Mumpreneur event in Peterborough.

We were there to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to try to break down the myths that surround it and try to make it easy to understand. The problem with SEO is that it is a wide subject that covers many facets of on-page content, backlink profiles, technical site audits and even the strategy in the first place.

We have now down quite a few talks on the basics of SEO and here are the common questions and answers that we have provided.

Q: I have heard about SEO as a service but I have no idea what it is?
A: SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. Its the process of amending your website to make it as attractive to Google as possible so that they promote your website ahead of others when someone searches.

Q: What’s a backlink?
A: A backlink is a website that links to your website. The easiest way of explaining this is if you read a webpage with some great content they may refer back o the source website (e.g. data gathered from

Q: I have Yoast installed on my WordPress site so do I need to do anything else?
A: Yoast is a great plugin, and it gives some good indicators of what you need to do. But this is only beneficial if you know what keywords you are targeting and what your overall strategy is. Remember Yoast is not Google, pleasing Yoast is great but remember it is Google that we are trying the hardest to please.

It is clear from doing our talks that people are interested in the topic and do want to try and do SEO for themselves on their own website.

We’re all for it, yes we provide SEO as a monthly service but this is more suited to companies that have a monthly marketing budget and a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve.

What do we recommend for small businesses who want to learn more about SEO?
Maybe start with a little training, get a professional to mentor you and even do some initial analysis to set you off in the right direction.

We are more than happy to help coach you in getting started with SEO.

This is a more cost-effective way of getting the information that you need.We’re planning some regular monthly workshops and mentoring on this subject so if you are interested in learning SEO for you and your website let me know if you would be interested in some face-to-face training.

Drop me an email with any questions you may have: 
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